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10 Used Luxury Cars That Are Cheap And Worth Every Penny

Owning a luxury car is the dream of every car enthusiast, and why not, right? The kind of performance, comfort, class, and style luxury cars provide, with their edge-cutting technology and advanced features, you’ll not find them in ordinary cars. For ages though, only the rich were able to afford to have a luxury car, and that is because of the heavy price tags that luxury cars have.

If you’re going to buy a brand-new luxury car, then rest assured it’s probably going to empty your bank account, and that is why luxury cars were a niche deal. But in recent years, with the trend of pre-owned luxury cars being high in demand, it looks like now every car enthusiast can afford to buy a luxury car. With more and more people understand the benefits of opting for used luxury cars, the second-hand cars market has managed to bridge the gap between luxury and affordability.

But amongst all the many options you’ve for used luxury cars, which one you should buy is the real question. To help you sort things out a bit, here’s a guide to the 10 luxury cars that are cheap as well as worth every penny you spend on them.

Mercedes Benz C Class
The Mercedes Benz car known for its perfect proportions and its contemporary appeal. The car depicts dynamism and provides the utmost comfort and driver experience. Being one of the most in-demand used luxury cars, the Mercedes Benz C Class is the perfect option for you if you’re looking for a car that can do it both, whether it is sports or off-roading. With its redefined bumpers and its Avantgarde interiors, the C Class is perfect in the budget car for your Mercedes Benz dreams.

Mercedes Benz E Class
The Mercedes Benz car is made in India especially for Indian roads. This executive-worthy car is one of the top cars in demand in the used luxury cars segment. The Mercedes Benz E Class provides you with the highest level of intelligence seen in any car in its segment. With its sporty stylish and sleek look, the E Class is a dream to drive and maneuver even in crowded spaces. The car is packed with safety features to ensure you a safe drive and a top-notch driving experience.

BMW 5 Series
BMW is known for making fast cars, and if fast cars are what you like then this one will be a steal deal for you. While there are a lot of used luxury cars in the market that provides you high-class luxury, but BMW 5 series provides you that high luxury with heavy speed; a sheer driving pleasure this one. The car is sportier and involves more sports involvement. With its high driver performance features this one is a treat to take out on the roads for a fast spin. Definitely a good option for all sports car lovers.

And if you’re looking for a compact SUV option then you’ll find no better option than the BMW 5 Series. This SUV is packed with power and is quite fast for an SUV so you get to reap the benefits of more interior room, high-level driving performance all at once. This SUV is one of the most reasonable options for used luxury cars in the market if you’re looking for a compact SUV and it will serve you quite well.

Audi A4
The Audi A4 is the much sportier counterpart of the Audi A6. The car provides premium driving performance along with utmost luxury. The A6 will give you that sporty feel that you’re looking for in its sleek, dynamic body designed to be fast and luxurious.

Audi A6
This car is the perfect boss man car, with its sleek, dynamic exteriors, and luxurious interiors. The car is built to scream business vibes for top-tier executives and that is exactly what you’ll feel when you ride in this luxurious baby. Amongst a lot of used luxury cars, Audi A6 oozes German luxury. This high-performance used luxury car will get you to places fast and in style.

Audi Q7
And if you’re looking for a full-sized 4x4 luxury car in the bracket of under 20 lakhs then you need to look nowhere farther than the Audi Q7. The car has massive proportions that facilitate utmost comfort and space; that is more legroom for everyone. Along with its wider proportions, the car is loaded with a powerful engine and Quattro technology making the car a whole package deal. One of the striking deals in the used luxury cars market, the Audi Q7 is one of the most sought-after Audi cars in the market.

Mini Cooper
If you’re into small, cute cars that are loaded with power and technology then Mini Cooper will serve you well. Apart from being one of the cutest-looking cars in the market, with its compact design and heartwarming looks, the Mini Cooper is also a premium offering in the luxury car market. With luck, you might as well find a convertible variant of the Mini Cooper in the used luxury cars market in just under 15 lakhs which is a steal deal. This is the best option for you in case you’re looking for hatchbacks.

Jaguar XF
The car that drives around in style. Jaguar XF is one of the best options in case you’re looking to arrive in style. The car is loaded with enough power to make it seem like an SUV in a sleek, sedan body. The car is also available in the used luxury cars market at a stellar deal of around 20 lakhs. And if you’re going to be spending money on a used luxury car, they might as well spend it on a car that catches the eyes of everyone when it arrives.

Range Rover Evoque
This car grabs the attention of everyone with its most desirable and distinct looks. The car is well built and built big, with its heavy proportions, and yet the car manages to give a sleek look and has an easy maneuver. The driver seat gives a proper view of the road with its elevated level, making the car perfect for both in city sporting and off-road driving.

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