01. Why do I need extended warranty?-

The truth is, no matter how much reliable a vehicle you own, there will come a day it will need repairs. As we all know, the new generation luxury cars are way technologically advanced machines and the repairs costs as per manufacturer recommendations are not necessarily cheap. So, by buying an extended warranty plan, you protect the investment that you made in your car. It basically is a vehicle service contract wherein we cover the cost of specified repairs after the car’s manufacturer warranty expires.

02. How do I buy an extended warranty?+
03. How does Advantage Assurance pay for claims?+
04. Where do I go for my repairs?+
05. Will all authorised repair workshops honour Advantage Assurance Extended Warranty?+
06. Why does Advantage Assurance require my vehicle’s VIN?+
07. Why doesn’t Advantage Assurance Extended Warranty consist of maintenance costs?+
08. What does it mean an automobile has a pre-existing condition?+
09. Can I reach Advantage Assurance any time of the day?+
10. Can I only buy warranty from an auto dealer?+
11. There are other cheap warranties being sold, why should we go with Advantage Assurance?+
12. If my car manufacture warranty expired a year ago, am I still elegible for warranty?+
13. If my car has some faults can I still take warranty and get it repaired under warranty cover?+
14. If I have Advantage Assurance extended warranty do I need to worry about my car?+