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7 Reasons to buy a used Mercedes Benz E Class 250 CDI

Mercedes Benz E Class is one of the most popular and in-demand luxury sedans in India. Made in India, for Indian roads, this glorious automobile sits right between the world’s most luxurious luxury car Mercedes Benz S Class, and the more affordable and popular for its perfect proportions and spacious interiors of Mercedes Benz C Class (one of the top 10 best-selling luxury cars).

All three luxury cars, Mercedes S Class, E Class, and C Class all sport a similar, sleek, sharp, and stunning design making them look alike. This is nice as the Mercedes Benz E Class looks like the smaller sibling of C Class and the smaller twin of Mercedes flagship luxury sedan the S Class.

One of the popular variants of Mercedes E Class is the 250 CDI with its 2143 cc engine, 203ps@ 4200rpm of horsepower, and 500 Nm @ 1600-1800rpm of torque, automatic transmission, and 14.0 Kmpl mileage, making it one of the tops most in-demand luxury sedans in the market.

But one of the only downsides of Mercedes E Class or any other Mercedes car for that matter is their hefty price tag that makes it a little more out of budget for a lot of people. But not anymore, with the shift in the latest market segment and people buying more and more pre-owned luxury cars, it is now possible for you to afford your dream class for a cheaper price. Buying a used Mercedes E Class is a smarter option if you’re looking to buy a luxury car. They charge way less than new cars coming off showrooms, you don’t have to pay the sales taxes, the depreciation value gets stable by the time you buy a used Mercedes, and just the overall money (a lot of it) that you save makes it a far wiser option.

So here are 7 reasons for you to buy a used Mercedes Benz E Class 250 CDI;

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