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9 Second Hand Luxury Cars Under 20 lakhs To Buy in 2022

For a middle-class man, it is nearly impossible to buy a luxury car as the need for one's survival outweighs the need for wants. But we have high-quality second-hand luxury cars that will give you the same features first-hand at a lower cost. These second-hand cars are vetted to ensure all the parts are of good quality. The cars are magnificent and would make a great addition to any garage.

Below we have provided a second-hand car buying guide for cars under 20 lakhs:

Honda Amaze 1.2 VX CVT 2016 Model

Even today, this particular model is in high demand owing to its aggressive face with a larger intake, bigger fog lamp enclosures, and a much bolder dual slat chrome grille that houses an upright Honda logo. The Honda Amaze 1.2 VX CVT 2016 model is registered in 2017 with registration number MH-02 on a red exterior. The car's interior consists of an infotainment system, power steering, power windows, automatic climate control, and ample leg space. You might not get a warranty, but the car has a powerful diesel engine that drives up to 37782 km and zero dep insurance.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class C200BE Avantgarde 4 2012 Model

The Mercedes-Benz C class C200BE Avantgarde 4 provides a sleek sedan/saloon exterior body with a P silver colour. The vehicle was registered in 2012 under the registration number MH-01 and has a total mileage of 62687 km. You might not get a warranty, but the 2nd class Mercedes has a 7-speed automatic transmission with an all-powerful petrol engine.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class 200 CGI Avantgarde 2013 Model

The 2nd hand Mercedes Benz E-Class 200 CGI Avantgarde 2013 model provides premium cars with a driver-oriented design for the comfort and safety of drivers. The car has an alluring obsidian black exterior with a sedan/saloon body, providing a perfect combination for long drives. Apart from these features, the car also provides a dynamic automatic transmission with a powerful fuel engine. It was registered in 2015 with a number starting from MH-01.

BMW 3 Series 3 GT 2014 Model

The second-hand BMW GT 2014 model car has a sleek white exterior with a perfect combination of strength and elegance. The car is encapsulated in a sedan/saloon body that provides automatic transmission with a diesel engine. Even though it doesn't have a warranty, it offers a panoramic sunroof, a large boot space, BMW connected drive and high ground clearance.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class 200k W203 2003 Model

Mercedes-Benz C-Class 200k W203 2003 model is the prime example of delivering luxury, comfort, and sustainability. The car is embodied in a Sedan/Saloon body in MPO Black colour with 7-speed automatic transmission in a petrol engine that drives up to 56990 km. Other features are 6 airbags to provide safety to the occupants and rear curtains to ensure privacy.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class 350 Avantgarde 4 2009 Model

This second-hand Mercedes E-class, with its sedan/saloon body and silver exterior, provides state-of-the-art luxury safety features. The E-class is powered manually by a diesel engine that holds up to 94663 km. It was registered in 2012 with no warranty.

BMW 3 Series 3 GT 2014 Model

The second-hand BMW 3 Series is encapsulated with a sedan/saloon body and a white exterior, making it a magnificent luxury vehicle. This particular BMW series contains interior features such as a panoramic sunroof, frameless door, large boot space and coup de design. The design is driver-oriented and provides features such as BMW connected drive and high ground clearance for the passengers to relish their journey.

Skoda Superb Style AT 132KW TSI 2016 Model

The second-hand Skoda with its sleek sedan/salon body and M brown colour has become one most loved luxury cars. This particular series contains interior features such as an electric sunroof, front & rear parking sensors, rain sensing wiper, large boot space of 625lt, rear camera and coupde design. The design is driver-oriented that provides features such as hill assistance and drive-side memory seats.

2017 Skoda Octavia Style A/T 1.8 Tsi

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