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Best Pre-Owned suv under 50 lakhs

Are you an admirer of luxurious SUVs? You can get your hands on the best pre-owned luxury cars exclusively at the Auto Hangar Advantage dealers. Strike off cross-country trips from your wishlist because with these sturdy pre-owned SUVs under 50 Lakhs, you are bound to unlock comfortable inter-city travels and thrilling cross-country trips over the years. Auto Hangar is the leading pre-owned luxury cars dealership in India, offering a dynamic range of used luxury and sports cars, sedans, SUVs and hatchbacks. You can visit the nearest authorized Auto Hangar dealership or scroll through the striking collection of used luxury cars in Mumbai on the website. If you’re looking for a pre owned SUV under 50 Lakhs, here’s a few options that are worth checking out:

Mercedes Benz M-Class ML350 Cdi 4M

What better than the three-pointed star brand when it comes to opulent cars? The 2014 make and model, Mercedes Benz M-class, is one of the most spacious SUVs you’d ever experience. It offers an extraordinary driving experience, courtesy of its well-engineered engine quality, empowering you with 2143 to 5461 cc and 203 to 525 bhp and 500 to 700 Nm. With extravagant speed comes lush comfort. The interiors of the Mercedes Benz M-Class incorporate abundant headroom and kneeroom. It is one of the most opulent and distinctively big pre-owned luxury cars in Mumbai that begins at Rs. 29,85,000. If you wish to buy a second-hand luxury car, ensure that you prioritize the specifications that are important to you and then choose accordingly. And in the case of Mercedes Benz, if spaciousness is your criteria, this one’s a fair choice.

Jeep Jeep Compass Limited 2.0D MT

Nothing epitomizes wilderness and thrill better than Jeep Jeep! Thai wonder vehicle is empowered with an engine that provides 1956 cc and an average mileage of 17.1 kmpl. The five seater helps you unfurl a seamless driving performance on all road types, whether you're off-roading or cruising through the race-track, your pre-owned Jeep Jeep is sure to be your partner in passion. With a gigantic wheelbase and body, the dimensions of this used luxury car is mind-blowing adn can comfortably fit four passengers and a driver. Head on to your nearest Auto Hangar workshop to buy a second-hand luxury car today.

Mercedes Benz AMG GLE 43 4M Coupe

If you’re ready to go slightly north on your budget scale, you can purchase the glorious pre-used Mercedes Benz AMG GLE. This all-white coupe is one of the most opulent and royal rides you’ll ever find. With an automatic transmission, this vehicle also comes with a distinctive range of safety tools like overspeeding warning, lane departure warning, Emergency Brake Light Flashing, Automatic Emergency Braking and more. You can also discover the ultimate driving assistance with the Mercedes Benz AMG GLE. To test drive and experience the used luxury cars in Mumbai, you can visit your nearest Auto Hangar dealership.

SUVs are the most avant-garde and sturdy choices of automobiles in today’s time. They’re spacious, perfect for a family of four. They’re also super luxurious. You can find SUVs in premium brands like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Jeep and more. This premium range of SUVs also differ in sizes and competitive prices. Thus, depending on your requirements and priorities, you can make your pick. You can also compare specifications of two or more SUVs and choose which one is more value for money. From Coupe and SUVs to Sedans and Hatchbacks, whatever is more to your liking, you can find it at your one-stop destination for used luxury cars in Mumbai; Auto Hangar. You can also scroll through a dynamic list of used luxury cars at the online website. Be assured of receiving an awes-striking deal at the dealership along with a detailed, thorough download of vehicle history, paperwork, licensing, warranty and more. You can get in touch with the automotive experts at Auto Hangar Dealerships near you for any assistance through your process of purchasing a pre-owned luxury car of your choice.

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