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BMW X1 vs Mercedes GLA Comparison

Hunting for the car of your dreams? Well, it’s very natural for you to be confused between the BMW X1 and the Mercedes GLA because both are extraordinary cars with stunning designs and powerful driving performances. In this blog, we shall give you a rundown on all the features of the Mercedes Benz GLA and the BMW X1, furthermore, a detailed comparison between the two. Read further to know which of these two supercars could be an ideal fit for you.

Well-known in the premium range of the automotive space, the BMW and Mercedes Benz models are renowned for their engine quality and linear driving performance. However, you can witness a minor difference in the engine power of the two cars. The BMW X1 offers a 1995 to 1998 cc power while the Mercedes Benz GLA empowers you with a 1332 to 1950 cc engine power. In this comparison of the BMW X1 vs Mercedes GLA edition, you can make a call of which car you prefer the most based on the engine power as well. In case you are car-hunting, may we interest you in a financially-wiser choice? You can choose an economically-sound alternative to buying a brand new sports or luxury car by choosing a pre owned luxury car. You can find a distinctive range of Mercedes Benz second hand as well as used BMW, both in the finest state and quality, offering you with opulent comfort and extravagant style.

One thing that is more important than any other car-purchasing criteria is the mileage of the car. Both of the vehicles from BMW and Mercedes offer exceptional car mileage. In the premium price point and extravagant car range, it is impossible to find cars that have an abundance of mileage with very little, almost a negligible difference. While the Mercedes Benz GLA offers a 17.4 to 19.85 kmpl of mileage, the BMW X1 falls slightly short with an average of 14.81 to 20.68 kmpl of mileage. Needless to say, both these figures are strikingly high as compared to other premium, luxury cars in this price point.

This brings us to yet another deciding factor of a car, the price range. While both cars fall in the premium price point of the automotive space, one is slightly more expensive than the other. You guessed it. The Mercedes GLA begins from Rs. 44.90 Lakh onwards while the BMW X1 starts from 41.45 Lakh onwards. Since the prices are almost similar, you also see major semblance in the features, design and characteristics of the cars. It is very difficult to have a clear BMW X1 vs Mercedes GLA comparison since both cars embody the finest aesthetics, luxurious interior, spacious cabins and of course prestigious badging.

Both the Mercedes Benz GLA and the BMW X1 are front wheel drives. With the GLA model, Mercedes Benz introduced a revolutionary side profile and refined design aesthetics of the three-point star brand posing a major challenge to the exquisite luxe and style of the BMW X1 SUV. The X1 has slightly wider dimensions on offer as compared to its arch rival; the Mercedes Benz GLA. You can also have a look at the exquisite range of pre-owned luxury cars at your nearest AutoHangar showroom for a real-time comparison of BMW X1 vs Mercedes GLA.

Let’s now compare the interiors of the BMW X1 vs Mercedes GLA. The GLA interior is very similar to that of the A Class. Furthermore, the touch and feel is extremely luxurious, highlighted with premium, black treatment. Yet another distinguishable feature of the Mercedes Benz GLA is that it incorporates several tech-first solutions like the touch screen and instrument cluster that looks modern and is much more intuitive. This high-tech interior makes up for the slightly smaller front cabin. The Mercedes Benz GLA also wins an edge with the world-class MBUX system that offers complete maneuverability and access to driving details and essential car data.

Comparatively, in the BMW X1, you are compromised of a few features that you see in the Mercedes Benz luxury car. While the interiors are equally spacious, the dashboard looks significantly less complex and intuitive. You also see an overwhelming level of similarity between the two, in terms of the color scheme as well as the interior dimensions.

In conclusion, both BMW X1 vs Mercedes GLA are value for money cars, with opulent comfort offering super luxury experiences. While the Mercedes GLA wins an edge in terms of technologically-advanced features, premium interiors and side-view profile, the BMW wins points for impeccable mileage, engine power and spaciousness. Thus, to take your call, it is imperative that you experience the look and feel of these two models in reality. You can do so by visiting your nearest AutoHangar Showroom. We hope this helped your car purchasing process. Happy driving!

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