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How to Take Care of Your Pre-owned Luxury Car

When you buy a pre-owned luxury car, it is important to take care of it just as you would with a brand new car. Proper maintenance, scheduled service visits and frequent inspections will help in keeping up the performance of the vehicle while you enjoy the luxury part of it. Another advantage of used car maintenance is that you will be safe on the roads. Moreover, it will save you a lot of money in the long run by preventing regular visits to car maintenance centres.

Used Car Maintenance Checklist

Maintenance Schedule

First, you must go through the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule available in the owner’s manual. It will give a better idea about how much distance the used car has covered in how many years. Regular servicing will increase the life of your car and help in determining or identifying any problems early. Accordingly, you should make sure to take the vehicle for maintenance and service at trusted centres. It is highly recommended that you should not compromise maintenance issues and choose only a professional and skilled team to carry out the maintenance work.

Preventive Maintenance

The vehicle’s history shows any type of damage, repair or maintenance issues in the used car. It will help in understanding the current condition of the vehicle and the necessary preventive maintenance steps required for best performance. In the automobile field, preventive maintenance is critical, and the same is the case with used cars. It will help by regular inspection of the engine, suspension, brake system, electrical components and other vital parts of a used car.

Let’s find out what needs to be checked to carry out the preventive maintenance process successfully. Here is a used car maintenance checklist that you can follow to take care of your pre-owned luxury car in the best possible manner.

Oil Change

As you might already know, the engine is the most essential part of a used car, and thus its health and performance should be your primary concern. As long as the engine works, the vehicle will work too. Thus, fluid conditions are important for the engine’s performance. Engine oil along with other fluids must be changed at regular intervals. According to experts, oil change 4-5 times in a year is the gold standard. It will boost the longevity of your used car.

Air Filter

Air filters need replacement every year or when professionals find out their poor condition on inspection. Generally, leakage from the exhaust is the first sign. The clogged air filters can affect the mileage of your used car, especially in old cars consisting of carbureted engines. Hence, to keep the performance of the vehicle, change filters or keep it clean.


Among the used car maintenance checklist pointers, this one is perhaps the most important, and at the same time, most avoided. Tyres are integral to the suspension system of the used car. It directly helps in the movement and balance of the vehicle while driving. Therefore, proper wheel alignment is important. Always check the air pressure, especially if you are planning to travel long. Also, tyres are always under undue stress and thus suffer wear and tear. Regular inspection is a must.

Battery and Lights

Car batteries need to be checked regularly for any kind of leaks, damaged cables or wires and corrosion. It will directly impact the many functionalities of a used car. For example, lights are necessary while driving at night. This is the reason why you should inspect if different lights such as headlight, tail light, turning signal and interior lights are properly working or not.


Examining the exterior of a used car is also a good choice. Your luxurious used car should always look incredible as well. Paint jobs, the colour of the panels and repairing small wear and tear are all important to make the car look good. Additionally, always look for rust on the body of the vehicle, under the hood, undercarriage and on the top.

Follow this used car maintenance checklist to enjoy the ride and keep up your vehicle performance.

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