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For decades, Mercedes Benz has preserved its place as the most luxurious and prestigious brand in the automotive space. Whether it is their opulent sedans, spacious SUVs, or elite coupes, the three-pointed star brand has always pushed the envelope in terms of speed, comfort, safety, and luxury. The GLE and GLS models also fall within the extravagant parameters of the brand as well. In case you’re considering purchasing a pre-owned luxury car, the Mercedes Benz GLE or GLS may be ideal picks for you. Amongst a million advantages of buying a pre-owned luxury car are the cost-effectiveness and economical aspect of this alternative. You indulge in the finesse of a luxury car without denting your pockets.

The GLE and GLS models are incredibly cost-efficient. Both cars check all the boxes of a luxury sports car range- offering an unparalleled driving experience for the driver and an incredibly comfortable riding experience for the passengers. If you’re specifically profiling Mercedes Benz models as your next purchase, you must compare the specifications of the two to make an informed choice. Helping you choose used luxury cars in Mumbai that resonate with your requirements and priorities, AutoHangar Advantage offers a detailed comparison of the GLE 300D & GLS 350D.

While the overall semblance of both these models may seem similar at first glance, they’re not. The wheelbase of the Mercedes Benz GLS model is larger than that of the GLE. Furthermore, the cabins of the GLS are also slightly larger than the GLE. If you are looking for more spacious pre-owned luxury cars, the GLS may be the one for you. However, the pricing of the two also differs drastically. The GLS 350D begins at Rs. 1.16 Crore while the GLE 300D begins at Rs. 85.73 Lakhs. To know the exact pre-owned GLE and GLS price range, head on to the nearest AutoHangar Advantage showroom and get guided by our expert sales team.

The next major difference between these two models is the engine capacity. While the Mercedes Benz GLE offers 1950 cc, the GLS beats the number with an impressive 3935 cc capacity.

The power of these two models is also distinctive in nature. The GLS incorporates 326 bhp of power, and the GLE empowers you with 241 bhp. It is evident from the numbers that both cars offer an extraordinary speed range. Thus, even if you’re gliding through inter-city roads, you cannot shake off the sportscar feel. The transmission of both these vehicles are automatic and the fuel type is identical as well - diesel in both.

While the exteriors of the GLE 300D & GLS 350D do not differ by a lot, it's a whole different story inside the hood. The GLS model incorporates a sharp OM656 Turbocharged 16 engine while the GLE has the OM654 Turbocharged 14 engine. The engine types of both vehicles are quite different, and as a result, the GLE 300D offers a top speed of 225 kmph and that of the GLS is 238 kmph. The acceleration of GLE from 0-100 kmph per second is an astounding 7.2 while that of GLE is 6.3. You can walk in at your nearest AutoHangar Advantage workshop for more information about the engine types of the two luxury SUVs. The maximum torque power of the GLE engine is 500 Nm @ 1600 rpm. The torque power of GLS is an unbeatable 700 Nm @ 1200 rpm. You can find a line of similarity between the two Benz models in terms of gears and driving modes. The GLS model is an Automatic TC with 9 gears, paddle shift, and sport mode, identical to the GLE model.

Out of this very detailed and curated comparison between GLE 300D and GLS 350D, we can gauge that certain specs of the two SUVs are almost identical, however, there is a difference in engine performance and driving quality between the two. Consequently, if you’re okay with passing on a few minor features of the GLS, you can grab the GLE model for an incredibly cost-effective price. However, the GLS does come off as a winner since it provides an impeccable driving experience. To buy a second-hand luxury carthat suits your requirements effectively, head on to your nearest AutoNagar Advantage workshop and discover our exquisite luxury car range.

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