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Top 5 Used Luxury Cars with Affordable Prices in 2021

The market for pre-owned luxury cars is growing at an incredible rate in India. After all the car that you drive defines who you are and it is a natural extension of your personality. Make no mistake, these used luxury cars might be termed as pre-owned, second hand or used in the automobile world, but the power of a sophisticatedly designed, brilliantly built, and everlasting comfort of a luxury car outshines and outlasts its owner.

This is the reason used luxury cars are a rage among driving enthusiasts no matter on which year the model came into being. Moreover, the purchasing power of Indian car enthusiasts has also increased, and the choices are unlimited as well.

There are endless options when it comes to pre-owned luxury cars. When a high priced car launched gets old, the depreciation is rapid, and repair costs also soar. Therefore, reliability is one of the key things to watch out for when you decide to buy a used luxury car. Here are the top 5 cars in India which are reliable and wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket for maintenance due to their sheer performance capability and brilliance. These are not only luxurious and but are technically a masterpiece coupled with marvellous engineering innovations. So, let’s dive in and find out the best ones in 2021.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Talk about luxury cars and a used Mercedes C-class is always on top of the mind. Some of the models of C-Class come at very handy prices even less than a family hatchback model. But, if you are looking for a relatively new generation model, you can enjoy the advanced technology, exclusive features all mingled and present in a used Mercedes C-Class.

The brand - Mercedes is very popular in India, and owning it is a matter of great pride. Therefore, you can always go for a used Mercedes C-Class, which will keep you enjoying the luxury in all its glory.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class
If C-Class is a class apart, the S-class is simply put a great leap into the lap of luxury. The beautiful and expressive design along with amazing safety features makes it one of the favourites among the people. The sedan model is full of new technology embedded into it as well. The exterior and interior are also appealing.

You can opt for a 2015 model at a reasonable price. It was regarded as the best performance car during that period, and it is still raring to take you along for a great ride.

BMW 5 Series

The BMW 5 Series is an attractive buy if you are looking for a pre-owned luxury car in your garage. Under 10 lakh is a possibility with some models. But if you want all options available, you can find it at various places. But, beware of frauds who sell pre-owned cars which are not originals.


If you want to bring in the power of Audi with a used luxury car, Audi Q5 is a perfect choice. It is again a reliable brand that has launched brilliant SUVs in the market one after another. Audi Q5 remains the top-rated SUV, and it has amazing features such as a powerful engine, hybrid models and a quality driving experience.

Mercedes-Benz CLA

Mercedes-Benz CLA 2014 model was one of the best-selling three-pointed stars as it was the first luxury sedan from the automobile giant. A 2015-16 CLA edition is also available as a used luxury car below Rs 30 lakhs in India. Some of the outstanding features include speed and brilliant interiors, which will certainly win your heart.

It is always important to buy used luxury cars from a trusted dealer. Moreover, you can avail of the warranty, EMI options and genuine parts with an authorized dealer. Auto Hangar Advantage is one of the leading and trusted dealerships in Mumbai, offering a wide range of pre-owned luxury cars. Contact us for more details.

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