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Used Car Inspection: How a Certified Dealer Inspects a Pre Owned car for You

When you buy a used car, one of the main things to keep in mind is to only purchase the used car from a certified dealership. When you buy a pre-owned luxury car, one of the biggest concerns is the condition of the car, it is still considered a gamble. You can buy a car that looks shiny and new from the outside and then after a couple of months or even less you find yourself too often at the garage with some problem or the other. And the worst part comes when you cannot hold the dealer liable for this as all you had was a verbal assurance from the dealership that your car is good. That is why, always opt for certified dealerships like Autohangar and others that do an official inspection of the car before putting it out for sale. Here is how a certified dealer inspects your pre-owned car’

● Test drive: They do test drives to make sure of the engine, its performance, and condition.
● Frame and Chassis: Complete framework inspection for repairs and possible damages
● Glass, mirrors, and wiper checks to make sure everything is working properly.
● Exterior and interior lighting like tail lights, headlights, cabin lights, blinkers, low beam, high beam, and all that.
● Oil levels, fluid levels, engine conditions, wiring
● Fuel pump inspection for fuel pump nose, filters, air filters
● Electrical system check like starter system, ignition, battery condition, charging
● They check the exhaust conditions, the body pipes, under the boy pipes, free low
● Suspension and transmission checks for transmission system conditions, clutch assembly, joints, and suspension system, springs conditions, idler arm.
● Total interior check for sound systems, lighting systems, seats and leather conditions, steering wheel, instrument panel, heater, AC, other dials and knobs, and the glove box.
● Seats are checked separately as well to make sure of the seat movements, leather, upholstery, cushions.
● Interior flooring check for carpet, door trims panel, floor mats,
● Boot check for luggage compartments, luggage light, spare wheel, and other tools
● Doors and windows check for automatic and manual locks.

In fact, a certified dealer checks every system, and part of the car to make sure it is in the best possible condition before they sell the car. So, with a certified dealership you don’t have to just take their word for it they’re also responsible for it. Another important thing certified dealers check is the car’s paperwork to make sure it is free of any theft or past accidental records. When the car or if the car passes through all these checks, then only a car is deemed a certified checked car.

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