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What Is the Difference Between a Certified Pre-owned Car & a Used Car?

While shopping for used cars, many people fail to notice the different options there are available for cars of the same model, year, and brand. This is because not many people are aware of the difference between a simple used car, and a certified pre owned car.

With the trend of buying used cars, more and more people are realizing the benefits of opting for a used car rather than a brand new one. But even in the segment of the used car, there are certified pre owned cars and ordinarily used cars. What is the difference between a used car and a certified pre owned car? And which one is better for you? Here is what you should know about the two before you purchase your car.

Used Cars
A used car up for sale means you don’t really know what is going on with the car. You essentially just have to take your dealer’s word for it that the car is in good condition. Depending on where you’re purchasing the used vehicle, it can be a good decision or a bad one. A lot of ordinary used vehicles are available in the market for cheaper prices but then a couple of months in use and the vehicle starts to show problems that require you to wheel your car in the car an awful lot.

A used car is a better option for people who have a very tight budget but then you also need to consider the option that you might be spending a lot more on the repairing than you would for the car itself. Unlike certified pre owned cars that are only available for purchase at the dealership of the same brand, you can find used cars in any dealership of your choice. This way you can have more options but then also, consider the fact that you don’t exactly ever know the car’s real condition.

Certified Pre Owned Cars
Unlike a used vehicle where you don’t really know completely what you’re getting, a certified pre owned car is a factory-certified used car that is available for sale. The key difference here is the car’s condition. Most pre owned cars are gently used are just a couple of years old, and in great condition. Another key difference and what really sets apart certified pre owned cars from used vehicles is that certified pre owned cars have to undergo a mandatory inspection, where the dealers thoroughly check the car for any repair work that might be needed, to achieve that “Like-new” feels for the certified pre owned cars.

After the inspection and possible repair work has been done then only these vehicles are put up for sale under the warranty coverage from the previous manufacturer. That means not only do you get a car that you know for certain does not have any damages, but you get a car with warranty coverage. These certified pre owned cars are a lot more reliable than the normal used vehicles where you don’t really know what is going on with the car.

Different dealerships have different conditions for their inspection but generally, good dealerships have conditions of how many years old the car can be to be eligible for a certified car. They also make certain that the car is in top-notch condition before putting it up for sale. That is why there might be fewer certified pre owned cars options available in comparison to used vehicles.

Benefits Of Certified Pre Owned Cars
Here are some benefits you get when you purchase a certified pre owned car rather than a simple used vehicle.

Warranty Coverage-
The most compelling benefit of purchasing a certified pre owned car is the warranty coverage you get from its original manufacturer as an assurity of the car’s top-notch condition. While the warranty is valid, you can get repair work done at the car aftercare of the dealership for free for the parts that the warranty covers. This saves you a lot of money that would go into the car if you buy an ordinary used car.

New-like, low Mileage Cars -
Because certified pre owned cars have an age limit to be eligible for the certified car, they’re driven less and are considerably newer than used cars. This means the car would perform better because the engine is fairly new and it’ll serve you for longer years than in comparison to a used car.

Through Inspection -
Another great advantage of buying certified pre owned cars is the thorough inspection each car undergoes to fix any possible damage and repair work needed. After the inspection, you get a warranty and a certified car from the original manufacturer as an assurity of the car’s new-like condition. This means you know exactly how your car is from the inside out and how well it will serve you.

Possible Cons Of Certified Pre Owned Cars
Now that you know the great benefits you get with certified pre owned cars, let’s also talk about any possible cons there might be to certified pre owned cars.

Limited Choices -
Due to the fact that there are strict guidelines as to which car can be eligible for a certified pre owned car, your options might get limited here. Because a certified pre owned car is n top-notch condition and many used vehicles fail to meet the cut. This means normal used vehicles will provide you with more options while a certified pre owned car will provide you with fewer options but more quality assurance.

Higher Prices -
Because certified pre owned cars are in better condition and relatively newer, you might find their prices to greatly differ from those of the same model cars available in the ordinary used cars segment. So, if you’re on a tighter budget then you’ll find certified pre owned cars a bit more expensive than used cars.

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