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What Are The Documents Required for Second Hand Car Purchase?

India is one of the largest markets for used cars in the world. If you are planning to buy a used car in India, know that you are not alone. Cars have become a necessity amidst the pandemic to travel safely. With growing consumer income, better financing options and transparency, customers are willing to buy pre-owned cars more than ever before. However, taking care of documents is essential to own a used car without much hassles and we have made it easy for you. Find out comprehensive information about documents required for second-hand car purchase.

Registration Certificate - A registration certificate is one of the most important documents you would need to make a second-hand car purchase. Commonly called RC, it contains valuable details about the vehicle such as model, registration number, engine number, chassis number etc. In addition, it contains the owner name, loan information, insurance details as well. Thus, it helps in evaluating the ownership of the vehicle.

Pollution Certificate - Pollution certificate has become mandatory for vehicles nowadays. Anyone with a four-wheeler without PUC needs to pay a hefty amount of fine. Therefore, it is important to get the pollution certificate from the owner, or else get a pollution test done before using it.

Service History - Service history can reveal the actual condition of the car. You can always ask the service book from the owner to assess distance travelled, service schedules followed, maintenance costs and replaced parts or accessories. Also, you can check where the vehicle was serviced, at a local garage or authorized service centre.

Insurance Document - Insurance is mandatory for all vehicles in India, and it protects you against expenses incurred due to accidental damage. Therefore, transferring the insurance to your name is highly recommended before buying a second-hand car. The insurance details will help you know how many times insurance was claimed, which in turn, will tell you about the accidents and repairs.

No-Objection Certificate - No objection certificate is needed in case the owner purchased the vehicle on loan. The NOC from the financing company must be collected by the owner and given to you. It shows that the entire loan has been paid off.

Road Tax Receipt - Road tax is a one-time payment that should be paid by the owner of the vehicle. It is a must-have document required for second-hand car purchase. Once the ownership of the vehicle is transferred and if you do not have a road tax receipt, you may end up paying a huge penalty.

Transfer of Ownership - Transfer of ownership of the vehicle in your RTO is an important step. The objective is achieved by getting Form 29 and Form 30 signed by the seller and submitting the same to the RTO. It is the notice of transfer as well as the application for the intimation and transfer of the vehicle.

These are the documents required for second-hand car purchase in India. Now that you know what documents are required, you can start searching for your dream used car at Auto Hangar Advantage. We are one of the leading pre-owned luxury car dealers in India with a wide range of Mercedes-Benz cars and other brands. Contact us to find out Mercedes second hand price, features, ownership, model and other details.

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