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What Should You Check Before Buying a Used Skoda Octavia ?

Skoda has been one of those classic car brands that never go out of style, one that passes by leaving everybody on the way transfixed, mesmerized. The absolute epitome of an engineering marvel; the Skoda Octavia is one model of the luxury car range that is placed on the higher end of the price line. This model may be perceived as one of the most expensive yet most coveted Skodas to own. If you’ve had the Skoda Octavia on your wishlist for decades, this is your chance to get your hands on the opulent luxury and comfort of this car at a cost-effective price. With AutoHangar Advantage, buy a second-hand luxury car like Skoda Octavia in the most hassle-free and convenient way possible. Before you do so, let’s run through the specifications of this luxurious four-wheeler in detail and what you must check before buying a used Skoda Octavia.

Even though used luxury cars are thoroughly checked for quality depreciation and engine discrepancies, you can still look through certain parts of the car to make sure that you aren't being handed a defective version of the car.

Headlamp Glasses

Begin your scrutinization process with the headlamp glasses. The Skoda Octavia glasses tend to blacken over a few years of usage, especially in high-moisture locations. You can check through these glasses to spot any kind of blackening on the surface. Furthermore, teh headlamp glasses make for an important part of the car that ensures safety. Thus, it is imperative that you do not take the hygiene of your head lamp glasses for granted.

Engine depreciation

The engine depreciation rate of the Skoda Octavia is also decent, however, it is one thing that you should analyze before purchasing a pre owned luxury car. The engine depreciation of the car can be observed in terms of rusting or darkening of the engine. You can also scan through the past paperworks of the Skoda Octavia to know how long the engine of the Skoda has been running.


The mileage that a car offers reduces over a span of time. Thus, it is important to know the mileage that the car is capable of offering at the time of repurchasing. The mileage must be such that you attain the value for your money.

User history

The user history of the car reflects the future of the car. The used luxury cars in Mumbai come with car history papers that document the exact date of manufacturing, purchase and insurances that are valid on the car. While buying your used Skoda Octavia, you can read through the user history to find out about the past experience with the car and if it is maintained effectively. AutoHangar Advantage is an authorized retailer of used luxury cars like Skoda, Ford, used Mercedes Benz and more. Thus, you can always trust AutoHangar Advantage for giving you a complete download of user history and car details before any repurchasing occurs.

Servicing and Maintenance

Yet another important information that you must know is the servicing and maintenance schedule of the car that you're about to repurchase. In case your car’s on a schedule of frequent servicing, it is important that you do not break the link from teh schedule, since that may lead to mishaps with the car engine or driving performance.

Power switches

The Skoda Octavia comes with power switches for windows and more that work flawlessly in the right conditions. Hence, it's essential that you do not forget to check on the functionality of all the power switches within the cabin of this car. Ensure that you take the car for a full test drive and run through all features of the car with a professional seated next to you. You can instantly get intricate elements like the power switches fixed in case of a dysfunction.

You must know that each car put up for repurchasing at an authorized retailer like AutoHangar Advantage goes through several levels of quality checks. However, there’s no harm in getting your little maneuvering going. Head on to your nearest AutoHangar Advantage retailer to buy used luxury cars in Mumbai that fit your needs and check your wishlist.

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