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What to Look for When Test-Driving a Used Mercedes Benz GLA 35 AMG

If you are a sporty car enthusiast and looking for a power punch under the hood with features of sleek and sporty design, put a halt to your search right here! Mercedes Benz GLA 35 AMG is the answer to all your questions. With a perfect blend of luxury, performance and style GLA 35 AMG is a high performance compact SUV, a very popular choice amongst the car enthusiasts. This car has a sporty look while also being practical and versatile as an SUV.

If you are planning to buy a used GLA 35 AMG it is crucial to have a test drive with the car to ensure the reliability of the vehicle and to avoid any potential issues down the road.

Exterior Inspection

Mercedes Benz GLA 35 AMG a high performance, compact SUV has a sport and aggressive exterior design. Before starting with the test drive, check with a keen eye for the following:

  • any sign of damage or wear and tear on the outer body
  • Scratches, dents, rusty body and other visible damages to body panels
  • All the lights like headlights, taillights and turn signals and other exterior features working properly
  • Close attention on the treads of tires to ensure they are not worn down
  • Wheels and brakes

Interior Inspection

Benz GLA 35 AMG is designed with keeping precision, luxury and comfort in mind! The cabin in this car is very spacious to accommodate five passengers at a time and a variety of comfort and convenience features. Once thoroughly checking the exterior it's time to check the condition of interiors as well. Here’s a list to help you to remember all the features that you can check:

  • Check for any stains, scratches, rips and any other damage to the upholstery, carpets and seats, dashboard and door panels.
  • All buttons and switches should be properly working and in working condition.
  • Test all the features during the test drive like panoramic roof, heated front seats , air conditioner cooling, and the premium sound system.
  • Check the climate control system, the infotainment system is responsive and easy to use and the audio system should be working properly.

Engine Performance

The Mercedes Benz GLA 35 AMG is powered by a 2.0 litre turbocharged four cylinder engine which can produce 302 horsepower and 295 lb- ft of torque. When you take a used Benz GLA 35 AMG for a test-drive, start the engine and leave it on for a few minutes, listen very carefully for any unusual noises such as ticking or knocking. Check for all the lights turning on once the engine has started. Ensure it delivers a smooth and quick gear shift as it is paired with a seven speed dual clutch with automatic transmission, responsive acceleration, precise braking and excellent handling. Also, during the drive listen very carefully for any unusual noises.

Acceleration and Braking

Mercedes Benz is known for its high performance and so is GLA 35 AMG, a high performance car with plenty of power and acceleration.

During the test drive check for any hesitation or sluggishness when accelerating.

This luxury car is equipped with excellent stopping power. Pay attention when pressing on brakes, it should be smooth and consistent and not spongy or unresponsive.

Suspension and handling

GLA 35 AMG comes with a sport tuned suspension which delivers a firm and responsive ride. Suspension is essential for a comfortable and smooth driving experience. Take a test drive on different types of roads to ensure the car handling is stable and controlled. When on the bumpy roads or uneven terrain listen for any strange noises or vibrations.


Mercedes tires are known for their excellent grip and handling. Check for any signs of wears and tears like cuts, punctures or cracks and while driving the tires should provide good traction and stability.

Safety feature

Before buying any used Mercedes Benz GLA 35 AMG check for its safety features like airbags, anti-lock brakes, stability control and traction control.


GLA 35 AMG comes with a seven speed dual clutch automatic transmission and it is a very critical component for any vehicle. For checking the condition of a transmission pay attention to the transmission shift gears if there is no signs of jerking, slipping or hesitation, rough shifting, lag or delay when shifting the gears the transmission is in a good condition.

Vehicle History Report

A vehicle history report says a lot about the vehicle and its owner. For an added peace of mind, pay close attention to the report and check for any accidents or damages in the past. The report can be easily obtained from the previous owner or through services like Autocheck to have an overview of the car’s ownership history, accident history and title issues, if any.

Service History

A well maintained vehicle is less likely to have any mechanical issues, check if the car has been regularly serviced and well maintained by the previous owner. Ask the owner for a copy of service records and check for any major repairs or regular service that may have been neglected.

Warranty and Extended Service Contract

If you are planning to purchase a used Mercedes Benz GLA 35 AMG from the Benz Dealership check if the car is coming with any warranty or extended service contracts, added protection against any unexpected maintenance or repair costs.

Only after an extensive quality check of the car, consider the price of the car. Make sure to research the market value of the car to compare with the seller price. Before making any decision take a step back to overall condition and make an informed decision.

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