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5 Things to Know About a Pre-Owned Luxury Car Dealer

Do you wish to purchase a new vehicle? Are you overwhelmed by the multitude of options available online? Do not worry because you are not alone. It is indeed a daunting task to filter down to the correct pre-owned luxury car dealer from this maze of options. Here are 5 aspects to consider before making the decision:

1. Pedigree

Always ensure that you buy from a pre-owned luxury car dealer whose antecedents are verified. Also, it is advised that you buy from a dealer who has been in the business for a respectable period of time. Many operators start a used car dealership and shut down within a short period, but not before loading many a customer with dodgy cars. Additionally, any company where the owner is an integral part of daily operations is always recommended. Auto Hangar Advantage has just completed 25 years in the luxury car business. You can easily find the best range of second-hand luxury cars here.

2. Manufacturer Program vs Independent Dealer

Many people face the dilemma between choosing a manufacturer program or independent dealer while looking for used luxury cars in Mumbai & Pune. Find out which is the best option.
Many dealers work under the umbrella of the manufacturer's used car program. This includes True Value by Maruti, Certified by Mercedes-Benz, Premium Selection by BMW etc. These are excellent programs to a large extent. However, these are supportive of only select models (up to 5 years old, etc) and do not extend to all models. Consequently, the dealers promote those models not covered under the manufacturer program as being covered. And many a time you end up paying premiums for a used vehicle thinking that it is manufacturer-approved.
With Independent dealers, there is no such misrepresentation, and you will always get a vehicle that is well refurbished. Auto Hangar Advantage is now an independent operator in the used car space with all the experience of manufacturer programs but without the overheads to the consumer.

3. Showroom Space and Premises

How much investment a dealer makes in the infrastructure is always a statement of their commitment to providing quality used cars to the customer. You may find many dealers who operate on open grounds and tin sheds. This reflects poorly on the customer commitment that you expect from the dealer. Not to mention, the possible storage-related damages a vehicle can incur when stored in open fields due to the weather and rodent infestation.
Auto Hangar Advantage, on the other hand, has always kept customer commitment and satisfaction at the forefront. Equipped with the best infrastructure for the presentation and storage of used vehicles, Auto Hangar Advantage has become a leading and trusted name in the used car segment both in Mumbai and Pune.


4. Owner-driven or Investor-driven

Most investor-driven businesses, while they have extremely good processes, cannot offer custom solutions to their customer. Additionally, their level of customer care is usually dependent on the presence of the right individual at the front end.
Owner-driven businesses are always more customer-friendly than investor-driven businesses. This reflects in all aspects of the business from customer-centric services to flexible options/schemes. Moreover, it is clearly expressed with the excellent turnaround time for decisions and also the ability to create custom solutions for the clients.
Auto Hangar Advantage is driven by visionary and inspirational leader Mr Mohan Mariwala, who is full time invested in the business. With his excellent team of experienced professionals and energetic talents, Auto Hangar Advantage has become the go-to destination for a splendid used luxury car buying experience.

5. After Sales Support

  One of the lingering doubts in a buyer’s mind is always related to the right after-sales service. Whether the correct service support will be provided or not? Auto Hangar Advantage comes from the support & lineage of Auto Hangar Service, which has a legacy of providing a world-class experience to the customers for the last twenty-five years in the luxury car business. Therefore, you can be assured of high quality after-sales service and commitment to customers.
For more details about used luxury cars, used Mercedes-Benz models and other services available, contact us at any time.

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