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Types of Driving Licences in India: Everything You Need to Know

Imagine going on a road trip and the fun comes to a halt because you forgot to carry your driving license. We can assure you that this scenario doesn’t end well. This is just one such example that highlights the difference a simple driving license could make. The possession of a driving license helps an individual to safeguard not just his own but other’s life as well. With a quick glance at Parivahan’s Sewa government website, one can easily understand the process relating to the approval of a driver’s license.

This blog is specially curated to dive deep into information relating to the various types of driver’s licenses existing for Indian residents. Topics like renewal and international permits are also covered.

So what exactly does a driving license look like?

A driving license looks closely similar to identity proofs like a Pan or Aadhar card. The usage of a driving license is a great way of displaying your driving skills and staying responsible at the same time. Since this comes in a compact design, you will easily be able to carry it anywhere you like.

Is there a particular authority that is in charge of these services?

It is the Government of India that provides driving license services under its Parivahan Sewa. One quick look at its website will let you know about your license, vehicle, registration, permits, and so much more. Information relating to road transport such as the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989, and many more can be accessed in great detail through this page. It is essentially the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 that protects the interests of the users relating to road transport and safety.

Types of Driving licenses in India

  • Learner’s license
    This license is usually granted to individuals who are still in their learning phase. A bold L-letter red color sticker which displays that the person is still trying to learn will be utilised in this phase. Only motorcycles without gear are considered under applications for under 18 individuals. Again it is the driving of motor vehicles and not transport vehicles that would be considered for this license. Once you reach the age of 20, you can surely go ahead with the process of driving a transport vehicle.
  • Permanent license
    There are different ways in which you go for your permanent license.
    • Through your learning license
      Even if you held your learner’s license for a period as small as 30 days, you would surely be able to apply directly for your permanent license.
    • Through RTO’s office
      Simply visit RTO’s office and they would surely guide you on the further steps you need to take for your driving license process.
    • Through Parivahan’s online website
      Applying for a driving license has now become easy due to RTO’s easy online service. Simply fill in the required details mentioned on the website and apply for your driving license in the comfort of your home.

Form 4 is the application that deals with all details relating to your permanent license.

A written as well as a basic driving test that tests the ability of the candidate will get conducted for the approval of your permanent license.

You can enroll yourself in a motor driving school to make the process of your permanent license application feel completely seamless.

International driving permit

This type of driver’s license can be issued to any individual who already holds a driving license and is a resident of India. Form 4A is the one you should be concerned about for this particular class of driver’s license. Be able to visit any country of your choice by simply specifying all the details relating to your stay. Documents such as passport, visa, and air ticket are to be taken care of for the approval of this particular class of driving license.

A total time frame of 1-year will be allowed under this driving permit.

During the clearance of any of these above-mentioned driving license categories, there would certainly be some fees that you would be asked to clear. The cost would vary depending on the license you decide to go along with.

Duplicate license

This license is part of a separate category that only gets used in case of a special circumstance. Cases relating to your license getting lost, destroyed, defaced, torn, and several others are covered under this. If you’re looking to get a step ahead in your preparation Form 2 should definitely form a part of your list.

Even after you get your desired type of driving license, you must most certainly know about the concerned renewal process as well. Stay updated on the expiry date of your license as you may be required to pay a penalty amount based on your delay. A time frame of 30 days is allotted for every renewal application. Documents relating to Forms no 1, 1A, and 2 will be asked for in the renewal of this license.

Rest assured all licensing-related fees and charges are very minimal. It’s only in cases related to established institutions that the fees could get a little high. The link to check any information relating to the fees payable:

If you’re somebody who likes doing everything by yourself, an option to process your application online does exist. Steps to get your online application started:

  • Fill in all your personal details
  • Upload all the mentioned documents
  • Get a set of photographs and your signature process done
  • Book a slot of your choice
  • Pay the applicable fees
  • Verify and print your receipt

As far as the documents related to your driving license are concerned you mostly need documents displaying your address and age proof.

Driving without a valid driving license can land you in serious trouble and even cause imprisonment. This penalty becomes even more stringent when you commit the offense of not carrying your driving license for the second time. In some cases, the vehicles were seized while in others there was a problem relating to the claim of the insurance amount. Avoid all these hassles by simply availing of a driving license through this link:

You could always avail of the benefits of a driving license even if you currently don’t own a private vehicle. The option of enrolling yourself in a driving school proves quite useful in this instance.

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