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What should I look for when buying a used Mercedes Benz?

The only thing more difficult than buying an expensive luxury car is buying a used expensive luxury car. You are required to be mindful and analytic while purchasing a used car for multiple reasons, a primary one being that it is 2nd hand and comes attached with a user history. Although, it is, without doubt, a more profitable deal than buying a brand new luxury car since most second-hand models in the luxury space remain as good as new even after years of usage.
While there are a million luxury cars available out there, Mercedes is the best-in-class luxury car that you can purchase 2nd hand and still experience the utmost class and royalty.
Before we move to what you must look for when buying a used Mercedes Benz, let's see why you must consider Mercedes in the first place.

Unbeatable Quality
You might think that buying a used car can cause several hassles, like needing heavy maintenance and frequent servicing, but that's absolutely incorrect when it comes to a used Mercedes Benz. This car is built to be extra durable, sturdy, and stylish throughout several years of usage.

Brand Recognition
Even if you're purchasing a 2nd hand Mercedes, the brand tag still remains quite intact and deeply rooted. Renowned for its impeccable build, sophisticated exteriors, and luxurious interiors, Mercedes is one of the most trusted brands in the luxury vehicles space. Thus, you can count it a safe investment to purchase a Mercedes Benz Second Hand.

Post-purchase Assistance
As the leading dealership partner of Mercedes, AutoHangar offers a range of post-purchase services exactly the same as post-purchase services that come with the purchase of a brand new Mercedes.
Now that you know why you must consider a used Mercedes Benz for your next purchase, let's move to what you should see while buying a used Mercedes Benz.

Mercedes is also popular for the durability of its parts. Most parts of the car do not go bad until exposed to very harsh use cases. However, the Alternator is one of the parts of the Mercedes that is prone to degradation with time. Thus, you must definitely get that checked before investing in a Used Mercedes-Benz.

Brake Wear
Before putting up any used Mercedes Benz for sale, AutoHangar runs a comprehensive analysis of the car. Only the second-hand Mercedes cars that are well-maintained are pushed for purchase. However, it is imperative that you inquire about the quality of Brake Wear at any dealership that you choose. Especially if the car has been driven for more than 25,000 km, it is quite likely that the brake wear needs replacement. A new one should cost you around Rs.10,000, but it is an imperative and highly crucial investment for a safe user experience.

Steering Column
You must also thoroughly check the steering column of the car so as to stay stress-free about the future functioning of your used Mercedes car. It is important to receive a complete download of the car's previous information. At an AutoHangar Advance outlet, you are handed over all the details of the car you wish to purchase, thereby guaranteeing complete transparency throughout the purchase process.

Warranty and Servicing
No matter which second-hand Mercedes model you wish to purchase, it is important to ask your dealer for complete service history. Furthermore, you must also ensure that the car is still under warranty and carefully store the relevant papers to prove the same. These documents come in handy while taking your car for routine servicing or during a reselling process.

Mercedes Second Hand Price
As per the model of the second-hand Mercedes that you're checking out, the pricing will be determined and shared with you. Of course, the most upgraded model of the brand will be more expensive than those below it. However, it is extremely important to be vigilant about the numbers you are given and the investment you are requested to make. To ensure that you are not fooled by a local dealer, you must visit an authorized dealership outlet or alternatively do your research on pre-owned programs.
These were a few things to be careful about while purchasing a pre-used Mercedes Benz. To check out our set of credible and premium used Mercedes Benz, click here!

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